Tail Twister

by Lion Nelson

June 07, 2018

Q: Our President has made the front page of the second section of last Thursday's local paper. If you did not send congrats to Brad for a fine pose?
A: pay now

Q: Former Lion Ron Geche and wife Lilly are touring Nova Scotia. In what town did he recently enjoy a lobster dinner?
A: Yarmouth, NS

Q: Name one of the two 2018 HSSS bursary winners.
A: Kai Friele and Taylan Gunn Savjord

Q: In the Squamish area is a feature called Table Mountain. Name the lake to the immediate north.
A: Garibaldi Lake

Q: Our good fellow Lions of Ambleside Tiddlycove Club were chartered on what date?
A: March 11, 1975

Q: Please name the PDG that lives in Granisle B.C.
A: Dave Herd

Q: What is the name of the island (east side) in Howe Sound immediately North of Horseshoe Bay.
A: Bowyer island

Q: Where in Canada would you find the Exploits River?
A: Newfoundland (and Labrador)

Q: What would be your all-time favourite TT question?

Q: Estimate how much the 'bar' has been raised by fair and equitable Tail Twisting.

March 15, 2018

Q: Name a large river in the state where our Lions founder, Melvin Jones, was from.
A: Arizona and the Colorado River

Q: The Squamish Lions is in what Zone and what District?
A: District 19 A, Zone A-2

Q: Name an important salmon fishing river in Northern New Brunswick made famous in song.
A: The Mirimichi

Q: What type of horse is found on Sable Island, off Nova Scotia?
A: Type of small feral horse, really a pony

Q: Name our District Governor and identify which club he represents.
A: Simon Yau, Vancouver Broadway Lions

Q: Where is the headquarters of Multiple District 19 located?
A: Bellingham, WASHINGTON

Q: Name the BC town in which Montreal?s Goalie, Carey Price, was raised.
A: Anahim Lake

Q: The Kootenay River flows through Lake Koocanusa and near Nelson, BC, joins what major river?
A: Columbia River

Q: Name the first cash crop harvested in Squamish.
A: Hops for making beer

Q: In what year and by whom was our railcar built?
A: Originally built in 1922 by Harlon and Hollingsworth

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