SoupWorks Pilot #2 a Big Success

soup works postersoupworks #2On May 28th, the Squamish Lions in partnership with G-Van Catering, Nester's Market, Squamish Savings, and the Helping Hands Society once again hit the streets of Squamish to provide free hot soup to families. This time, they brought the soup to the people through stations set-up at Brennan Park and Squamish Elementary.

A key learning from the first SoupWorks pilot held on May 7th was the fact that families had a hard time travelling to the downtown serving location. This time we thought it best to attempt to spread out in two high traffic, family focused locations within the community. The overall focus was to continue experimenting with the working model in an effort to collect data on the project for a funding application due June 15th (as well as to gauge whether the community supported the initiative or not).

We are pleased to announce this pilot was a complete success.

The station at Squamish Elementary opened at 3pm when the bell rang and was finished handing out 75 litres of hearty, healthy, hot vegetable soup within 15 minutes. Lion John Drinovz led a team comprised of two elementary school volunteers who handed out the soup while representatives from Squamish Savings conducted surveys to better understand who was there and what they thought of the Project. The Squamish Lions would like to extend a big thank you to Squamish Elementary School Principal Ms. Margaret Paxton for her support of the project.

The station at Brennan Park started off a little slower but gained momentum as the soup ran out at the school. Lion Brad Hodge led a team made up of committee member Kim Lacombe and her son Kaiden. Leanne Hodge was also present representing Squamish Savings conducting surveys. Thank you to District staff Tim Hoskin for his support.

In total, 104 litres of fresh hot soup were served to the community.

Next steps in the Project including compiling survey results, gauging the future of SoupWorks, setting long term budgets, and applying for funding. The hope is that the community does indeed support the idea, that the current partners can continue to participate, and that funding can be secured too ensure long-term sustainability. We hope to have the project start up again in a more full time capacity starting in September.

Please check back here often for updates on the project. If you are interested in getting involved or have comments to share, please contact David Thomson at

A big thank you to our committee members who worked in a collaborative fashion to get this idea started. A special thank you to Cliff Miller for the use of his 100 litre pot and wooden stir paddle and to the communication team of John French (Mountain FM), Ben Lypka (Chief Newspaper), Grace McLeod (Squamish Chamber) and Deanna Wampler (In The Know Consulting) for helping spread the word. We couldn't have done it without your support.

Committee members
• David Thomson – Checkpoint 6
• Gregg van Heirden - G–Van Catering
• Sean Daly – Nester's Market
• Kim Lacombe – Squamish Savings
• Jennifer Schorz – Squamish Savings
• Maureen Mackell – Helping Hands Society

Squamish Lions present the SOUPWORKS Project

Wednesday May 7, 2014 4-6pm

soup works poster soup worksThe Squamish Lions along with Nester's Market, G-Van Catering, Squamish Savings, the District of Squamish, and the Helping Hands Society launched the first SoupWorks Project at the Squamish Senior's Centre on Wednesday May 7. The community based project was started to provide free hot soup to families.

About 40 litres of homemade, hearty, healthy carrot soup were served to families that showed up on location. Another 20 litres were hand delivered by Squamish Savings and Squamish Lions volunteers with the remaining 40 litres donated to the Helping Hands Society. For those that attended, the response was very favourable. Surveys were conducted with those that attended and the Project committee will be reviewing their content over the coming week.

The number of support staff and volunteers that turned out was amazing. All hands on deck. And, of course, the soup was excellent.

The Project committee will be meeting over the next two weeks and will review whether or not the Project will continue through the summer or perhaps hold off until the fall.

A special thank you to all the volunteers that came out to support the launch. As well as a thank you to the District of Squamish for providing access to the Senior Centre.